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April 07, 2009


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I've been drinking margarita every time i went to the party. The article was true margarita gave different sensation after you drunk it.

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I really like margarites ! tastes really good!

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But is alcohol harmful to health?

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It is incredible that a drink containing alcohol can provide health benefits for women. I would like to know more about this issue because it is a bit controversial.

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That's some weird because my trainner always is telling me that liquor is harmful to health.

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I woman with a cocktail is the sexiest thing you can see in a bar.

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Amazing!I didn't know that the Margaritas had all these properties.

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Of course pregnant women can not drink alcohol, and also must have many other care during pregnancy.

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I've heard it's healthy to take a glass of red wine per day, is that true?

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I really do not think that alcohol is healthy for a woman's life.

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Of course that eliminates the awkwardness and shyness, those are some of the effects of alcohol.

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What I have heard is that a daily glass of red wine is healthy, but never a Margarita.

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Being the favorite pastime that drinking is, I'm sure you can just picture all the drunken people who stagger out of the bars at 2 a.m.And let me tell you, it can be so fun.

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